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DJ Jason Dupuy C.Eng. B.Eng. (Hons)  

DJ Jason Dupuy - Club DJ, Wedding Disco and Corporate Event Specialist, Based in London

DJ Jason Dupuy, London  

DJ Jason Dupuy performs at clubs worldwide, national radio, television, prestigious corporate events and celebrity weddings. He has built up valuable experience playing at well over 1000 gigs, but is always keen to learn and is constantly striving to improve his performances. Importantly, his feet are planted firmly on the ground, he is always willing and enthusiastic to play whatever music is required to get the dance floor moving: be it an 80th birthday party, a trendy nightclub or a classy wedding. Jason's enjoyment comes from watching people thoroughly enjoying themselves, dancing to the music he plays - to him there is no better feeling!

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DJ Paul Doherty  

DJ Paul Doherty - Wedding DJ, Corporate Event and Club DJ Specialist, Based in Kent

DJ Paul Doherty, Kent


A connoisseur of Club Classics, 70's, 80's and 90's Gargage, DJ Paul Doherty is very well aquainted with all the popular dance tunes from the past 25 years and plays the appropriate music to suit the mood of any family function, corporate event or club.

Always passionate about music, Paul was a late starter as a DJ, but every party he has played at brings good feedback from the clients.

































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DJ Lawrence Anthony  

DJ Lawrence Anthony - Club DJ, Wedding Disco and Corporate Event Specialist, Based in Essex

DJ Lawrence Anthony, Essex   Very accomplished on the microphone when required, DJ Lawrence Anthony carries a varied music collection consisting of all the dancefloor favourites from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, RnB, Hip Hop and current Chart. Together with his extensive dance collection and experience, Lawrence is the perfect DJ for any age group and event with the ability to mix up a tasty set of Electro / Funky House and Club Classics should the dancefloor favour something a bit more upbeat.
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DJ Tayfun Mehmet  

DJ Tayfun Mehmet - Club DJ, DJ Producer, Wedding Disco and Corporate DJ - Based in London

DJ Tayfun Mehmet, London   DJ Tayfun Mehmet performs in a wide range of musical styles (such as 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Club Classics, Chart, R'n'B and can often deal with song requests, but specialises in playing Electro, Funky House, Breakbeat, Old Skool and Drum & Bass. Tayfun has played at numerous family events ranging from weddings to 60th birthdays and has also performed at many black tie corporate events.
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DJ Michael Davis  

DJ Michael Davis - Club DJ, Corporate Event Specialist - Based in Surrey

DJ Michael Davis, Surrey  

DJ Michael Davis A.K.A. DJ Bee is 26 years old and has been performing mobile discos for 13 years. He has played for Nigel Benn and at the GMTV Christmas party.

Michael has worked at various venues in London such as The Hurlingham Club and Bagleys. He recently spent six months working in Corfu - Greece were he was resident DJ at the famous Limelight Club. While working there he also worked with Lisa Lashes, Dream Team, Ratpack, DJ Luck and MC Neat.

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DJ Brian S   DJ Brian S - Club DJ, Wedding Disco and Corporate Event Specialist, Based in Kent

DJ Brian caters for all events across Kent, mainly Weddings, Parties and Business Functions and has over 15 years experience in club and mobile DJ work. He prides himself in providing a reliable and professional service and making sure that your special event is a very special and memorable one.

From Brian's extensive music collection, he has the ‘feel good’ tunes to suit all tastes. He specialise in 70s & 80s Disco, but why not allow him to mix up some Swinging 60s & Party Classics, along with the best in R & B, Chart, & Club Floor Fillers. Hell make sure to play all your music requests, so that your family and guest’s are partying all night long!

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DJ Carl Chaplin  

DJ Carl Chaplin - Corporate Event, Wedding Disco and Club DJ - Based in London

DJ Carl Chaplin, London  

DJ Carl Chapiln's preferred music style is varied, from piano and vocal house classics, old skool rave, funky house, dance and trance, right through to the latest floorfillers and club tunes. He has a number of hard to find dance tunes that you forgot ever existed together with the Platinum Play list comprising of 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

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DJ Raymond Burns s

DJ Raymond Burns - Wedding DJ, Corporate Disco and Club DJ Specialist - Based in Kent

DJ Raymond Burns - Wedding DJ, Corporate Disco and Club Specialist - Kent

DJ Raymond Burns A.K.A. DJ Nor't started with Platinum Promotions in February 2009. Since then has been DJ'ing all over the Southeast including places like The Royal Opera House for a hospital ball and at Earls Court.

Raymond's preferred music style is varied from house, garage, bassline dance and chart, RnB, drum n bass and happy hardcore. He is also willing to play any music that is asked for whether it's for a 70's night, a wedding reception or a birthday bash - he just loves music and enjoys making people happy.

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DJ Twon Chui_Foon  

DJ Twon Chui Foon - Club DJ and Corporate Event Disco Specialist - Based in London

DJ Twon Chui Foon, London

DJ Twon Chui Foon is a very successful club DJ who enjoys performing at some of the larger corporate events and top end weddings playing tunes he'd never dare.

Twon has very impressive mixing ability from his club experience, but more importantly his versatility and enthusiasm to play various genres of music is quite outstanding. This spills over onto dance floor and as a result we receive constant feedback from clubs, weddings and corporate events advising us of what a good event they had and how much everbody enjoyed themselves.

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DJ Liam Haines  

DJ Liam Haines - Wedding DJ, Corporate Disco and Club DJ Specialist - Based in Surrey

DJ Liam Haines, London  

DJ Liam Haines has been DJ ing for over 7 years now and has been one of Platinum's DJs for 3 years. At the age of 22 he has a very mature and professional head on his shoulders. Although he is a perfect choice for 18th and 21st Birthday Parties with his taste for R'n'B, Hip Hop, Garage, Dance and Chart; Liam always plays to the crowd and keeps all age groups involved taking guests requests and incorporating them into his set at the most appropriate time for the Dancefloor.

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DJ Paul A  

DJ Paul "A" - Northern Soul DJ, Wedding Disco, Corporate Event DJ - Based in Kent

DJ Paul A, Northern Soul DJ - Kent  

With his diverse repertoire and friendly approach DJ Paul A ensures that every party goes with a swing. With particular attention to formality when required, he considers himself a DJ for all occasions and a specialist in Northern Soul and Soul music.

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DJ Dale Bear  

DJ Dale Bear - Corporate Disco DJ, Club DJ and Party DJ - Based in Surrey

DJ Dale Bear, Surrey  

DJ Dale Bear A.K.A. Foley Bear has been DJ'ing for over 17 years and prides himself on being able to play a wide range of music styles. This includes anything from get up and dance party classics to the freshest RnB jams. He has a vast experience of playing to large and small crowds. He has played in hundreds of different venues and events in his time. His work as a mobile jock in addition to his time in Europe and many club appearances has taught him how to read crowds very well and in addition know how to test difficult and resistant crowds before a change of music tempo or style is introduced.

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DJ Stewart Boynton  

DJ Stewart Boynton - Corporate Disco DJ, Club DJ and Party DJ - Based in Surrey

DJ Stewart Boynton, Surrey  

DJ Stewart Boynton learnt his DJ craft whilst working as a Red Coat. This gave him valuable experience interacting with the crowd and playing tunes to keep the dance floor busy.

Stewart's music selection consists of mainly Popular 70's and 80's with some 90's club classics and current pop music. He is more than happy to take requests and will play music to appeal to all age groups in attendance.

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DJ Heaven Sent  

DJ Heaven Sent - Club DJ - Based in London

DJ Heaven Sent, London  

DJ Heaven Sent began his music career in 1996 as a professional Sound Engineer and producer. During his sound engineering course at West Minster, music was of a big influence to him so he purchased his first pair of decks, in which Heaven Sent started playing in his local bars and clubs mixing house and trance. He then ventured abroad to perform in a vast range of venues around the globe in front of crowds of 500-2000 plus. His reputation has spread rapidly throughout the Globe, DJing along side some of the best DJs the world has to offer.

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iDJ Miss Behavin  
DJ Miss Behavin - Club DJ, DJ Producer, Corporate Event Specialist - Based in Kent
DJ Miss Behavin - Female DJ Kent  

DJ/Producer Miss Behavin' is without a doubt one of the UKs most successful female DJs - not just by industry reputation (IDJ "Top 50 DJs To Watch ") but by popularity, as demonstrated by her presence in the "Worlds Top 100 Female DJs" poll and most recently she was featured in FHM as one of the worlds sexiest DJs!

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DJ Tony Mulligan  
DJ Tony Mulligan - Corporate Event DJ, Wedding Disco and Party DJ - Based in London
DJ Tony Mulligan, London  

For the past five years DJ Tony Mulligan has been living in Gran Canaria and working as a full time DJ. During this time he held residencies for the three largest clubs on the island, played at large events and also held his own nights in some of the venues in Playa Del Ingles.

Tony has plenty of experience and thoroughly enjoys working as a DJ. He feels comfortable playing all genres of music including rock and roll, party, house, R & B, trance and techno and has an extensive collection in all if these areas of music.

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DJ Shaun Jenkins  
DJ Shaun Jenkins - Club DJ, Corporate Event DJ and Wedding Disco - Based in Kent
DJ Shaun Jenkins, Kent

DJ Shaun Jenkins is resident DJ at "House of Fun" at Carling Academy playing (70's and 80's) and regularly plays at The Tattershall Castle. He also has experience working on local radio where he can be heard mixing up a cool vinyl set of Garage/R&B.

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DJ Kit Leonard  
DJ Kit Leonard - Club DJ, Wedding Disco and Corporate Event DJ - Based in Kent
DJ Kit Leonard, Kent  

DJ Kit Leonard has been passionate about music since he can remember and his dream of becoming a DJ was realised when he turned 16 and bought himself a pair of turntables and a mixer. Predominantly playing Garage and Drum & Bass for his first few years he built up a reputation in his home town by DJing for his school at various 6th form parties in houses and pubs. He then began a short residency at the then named 'Buffalos Head' pub in Gravesend High Street. He was only 16 and already being shown the limelight.

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DJ Jo Geraghty  
DJ Jo Geraghty - Corporate Event Disco, Wedding DJ, Club DJ - Based in Sydney, Australia
DJ Jo Geraghty, Australia  

DJ Jo Geraghty has 12 years DJ-ing experience and started out as a house DJ playing vinyl at many small clubs in London, Amsterdam and Ireland. She has since progressed playing at many top venues for corporates with a wide variety of music catering for all tastes. Her playlist has 4000 tracks available including 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Dance, Pop, R&B and Rock.

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DJ Matt Paczensky  
DJ Matt Paczensky - Club DJ - Based in Kent
DJ Matt Paczensky, Kent

DJ Matt Paczensky started DJ-ing at 16 in clubs around South East London and Kent. He has since had residencies at two clubs out in Ibiza. He loves to play Funky, Uplifting House, R&B and Hip Hop. He carries a wide range of music and is very experienced at playing the right tracks to get any party moving.

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DJ Darren Birs  
DJ Darren Birs - Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Darren Birs, London  

Pictured here playing at the Tattershall Castle - Embankment, DJ Darren Birs is a connoissuer of Funky House. He spends a considerable amount of time producing remixes, loops, refining acappellas and working on his own tracks.

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DJ Neil Brown  
DJ Neil Brown - Wedding DJ, Corporate Event DJ and Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Neil Brown, London   DJ Neil Brown has played at some of London's top West End hotels and clubs. He has a great musical knowledge and has the uncanny knack of pulling out some top party tunes during his 70's and 80's set
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DJ Donal McPartland  
DJ Donal McPartland - Wedding DJ, Corporate Event DJ , Party Discos - Based in Hertfordshire
DJ Donal McParkland, Hertfordshire  

DJ Donal McParkland has been a Drum & Bass DJ and MC for 8 years A.K.A DJ Donalize and MC Hood Rat Vendetta. His most recent gigs include Red Trip at the SE1 Club, Squeeze 18 at Club 'M' in Southampton, Get Twisted at 'The Soul Cellar' in Southampton and he has played alongside Nicky Black Market at the Southampton Institute Student Union.

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DJ Terry Clark  
DJ Terry Clark - Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Terry Clark, London  

Before joining Platinum Promotions, DJ Terry Clark started out as a bedroom DJ playing at friends' birhtdays and parties. Eventually he organised his own event. His personal music taste includes U.K. Garage, R&B, House, Drum & Bass, Bashment and Soul. With his love for music he'd fit well into any club/bar.

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DJ Abbey    
DJ Abbey - Club DJ, Wedding Disco and Party DJ - Based in London
DJ Abbey, London  

DJ Abbey specialises in Soul, World Jazz, Overload Jazz Funk, Afro Rock, Afro Cuban Jazz, Rythym & Blues, Jazz, Jazz Latino Grooves, Smooth Jazz, 70's - 80's, R&B, Hip Hop, Garage, Pop Music, Reggae, Soul Funk and African Rhythms.

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DJ Alan Lund  
DJ Alan Lund - Mainstream Club DJ, Wedding Disco and Corporate Event DJ - Based in London
DJ Alan Lund, London  

DJ Alan Lund completed Platinum's D.J. course in 2002 and has progressed very quickly. He is a great choice for parties and weddings, being very knowledgeable on music through the decades from 1970 to recent day music.

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DJ Johnnie Smith  
DJ & Video Jockey (VJ) Johnnie Smith - Corporate Disco and Wedding DJ with Visuals - London
VJ Johnnie Smith with Lasers and Visuals, London  

Back in the 80's DJ Johnnie Smith was the Video Jockey for famous acts such as Guru Josh, Adamski, KLF, S-Express, Goldie and The Beatmasters.

As well as DJ-ing, Johnnie works to provide interactive multi-media productions and audio visual spectaculars. Johnnie has worked at festivals such as Miami Winter Music Conference, DMC Championships, Adam F UK Tour, P1 Munich and Art Live (touring Italy). This has led to corporate events for MTV Awards, Coca-Cola, Channel 5, Calvin Klein, Ericsson and Smirnoff. Johnnie has also helped to produce music videos for Sony, MCA, Universal, BMG and Polydor.

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DJ Jean-Charles Savary  
DJ Jean-Charles Savary - Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Jean-Charles Savary, London  

DJ Jean-Charles has recently arrived in the UK after successfully working in France and the French islands as a DJ, a clarinettist and a music teacher . He decided to move to London to develop his knowledge and skills in electronic music composition and is currently studying Music Production at the prestigious London School of Sound (LSS). His passion is electronic music.

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DJ Steve Brinda  
DJ Steve Brinda - Club DJ - Based in Cambridge
DJ Steve Brinda, Cambridge  

DJ Steve Brinda's musical tastes vary depending on the crowd and venue: he can mix 60s, 70s and 80s plus all the latest RnB and Club Dance promos. He can beat match to nightclub standard and has a clear microphone voice. He is a very reliable and versatile DJ and is willing to travel anywhere. He is also very flexible with start and finish times.

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DJ Jason Abel  
DJ Jason Abel - Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Jason Able, London  

DJ Jason Abel's musical styles vary from Hip Hop, R&B, Garage, Bassline Funky House, Electro House, Drum and Bass, Indie Rock, Bashment and even a bit of Cheese!

Jason has worked as a mobile and club DJ in all types of venues, occasions and events from Hip Hop and RnB nights to Weddings, Birthday parties and events with 2-3000 people in attendance. He has also been involved in making remix CD's for Dancers and Cheerleading Teams.

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DJ Nicholas Samy  
DJ Nicholas Samy - Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Nicholas Samy, London  

DJ Nicholas Samy plays a diverse range of music which includes Old-Skool Hip-Hop, Motown, RnB & Hip Hop, Funky House, Dance, Club House, Soca/Sega and Pop.

Nicholas has fifteen years of DJ-ing experience and has most recently been performing on Friday and Saturday nights in the club room at Tiger Tiger, London. He has also played at various Hotels, most of which were for Corporate events.

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DJ Michelle Leverick  
DJ Michelle Leverick - Corporate Event DJ, Wedding Disco and Club DJ - Based in Yorkshire
DJ Michelle Leverick, Yorkshire  

DJ Michelle Leverick is a versatile DJ who is dedicated to her work and professionalism and has a huge passion for music and people.

Generally within one night, Michelle will mix any style from Soul and Motown to 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's to Funky House to Trance, Dance or RnB adapting each night accordingly. She uses the microphone to interact with the crowd, absorbs the atmosphere and reads the crowd.

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DJ Mark Turner  
DJ Mark Turner - Club DJ - Based in Brighton, Sussex
DJ Mark Turner, Brighton, Sussex  

DJ Mark Turner has been a professional DJ for four years and has vast experience in large venues . He can cater for any commercially focused event and ensure that the party/club atmosphere continues thoughout the evening. He is willing to take on any challenge and aims to be the best that he can be

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DJ Adam Rayner  
DJ Adam Rayner - Club DJ, Corporate Event and Wedding DJ - Based in Dartford, Kent
DJ Adam Rayner, Kent  

Also known as 'Spaced Monkey', DJ Adam Rayner has recently been playing at festivals and parties around England. His musical styles vary from Progressive Techno, Breakbeat and Psy/Trance with an organic Tribal feel.

Most recently he supported Zub Zub & Dream Machine in a Crop Circle in Wiltshire, played at events for Misztified Mind Records & The Psychedelic Circle and various outdoor Parties around England.

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DJ Steve Clive  
DJ Steve Clive - Corporate Disco, Wedding DJ and Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Steve Clive, London  

DJ Steve Clive likes to play whatever music the dancefloor reacts favourably to including Dance Classics, Rock 'n' Roll, Motown, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's R 'n' B, Hip Hop, House and Current Chart. He has a varied music collection and caters for all types of functions.

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iDJ Matt Carter  
DJ Matt Carter - Club DJ - Based in Ibiza, Spain
DJ Matt Carter, Ibiza  

After a stellar summer playing the hottest clubs in Ibiza, DJ Matt Carter has burst back onto the UK club scene.

In June 2008 Matt saw off 160 other DJs to snatch first prize at Manumission's Bar M DJ competition and then celebrated his win by playing the Manumission opening party alongside Mylo, Lottie, Xpress 2 and Steve Aoki. Just to prove he's no flash in the pan Matt took runner up in the Es Paradis competition also in June, and played throught the season at the infamous Fiesta del Agua at Es Paradis.

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DJ Stephen Saidu  
DJ Stephen Saidu - Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Stephen Saidu, London  

DJ Stephen Saidu has a long history of working in the music industry and is currently working for Solar Radio. He started his career at Sony Entertainment, and then went on to work at Acid Jazz Records where he compiled and ran the Acid Jazz Roots Label.

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DJ Phil Boucher  
DJ Phil Boucher - Club DJ - Based in Nottingham
DJ Phil Boucher, Nottingham  

DJ Phil Boucher has been working as a professional Nightclub DJ for 18 years and has held residencies in over 50 clubs thoughout the UK (with capacities of 150 to 2,600).

During his extensive career he has worked for all of the major entertainment companies including Luminar, 3D, European Leisure and First Leisure.

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DJ Hugh Williams   DJ Hugh Williams - Club DJ - Based in Wales
DJ Hugh Williams, Wales

DJ Hugh Williams has been working as a DJ since the 1980's starting out in mobile work and progressing into club work both in the UK and in Europe.

Hugh has and extensive music collection from the 1960's until the present day. He has recently been playing 80's soul dance, Motown and Northern Soul, but he can and will play all types of dance music. He has a good microphone technique and has had a two year spell on local radio in Spain.

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DJ Aidi B   DJ Aidi B - Based in Devon
DJ Aidi B, Devon

Considered by many as mad, indifferent, off the deep end, yet mentally challenged. However, reality is that DJ Aidi B is truly an energetic, hardworking, experienced professional DJ.

Adrian is musically known for playing anything that he can lay his hands on. From chart to cheez, rock to pop, dance to trance, covering from the sxities to today. If he's got it, he can play it....a human jukebox with a lick of humour thrown in for free.

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DJ Robin Axford   DJ Robin Axford - Club DJ - Based in Hertfordshire
DJ Robin Axford, Hertfordshire

DJ Robin Axford began DJ’ing at the age of 14 and by 17 was playing alongside key figures in the UK club circuit. By the age of 21, he had developed considerable skill at entertaining crowds from 200 – 2000 with gigs ranging from Ministry of Sound, Liverpool University, Scala and SEone to The Cross and Live Broadcasts on House Pacific FM in Milan.

His skill as a DJ has seen him perform epic sets for SupperClub, corporate sets for Molinaire, cutting edge sets for Fashion shows & parties, and performances at label events at the Miami Winter Music Conferences

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DJ Kirk Mannion   DJ Kirk Mannion - Club DJ - Based in London
DJ Kirk Mannion, London

Over a six year period, DJ Kirk Mannion has won a number of residencies in a variety of bars and clubs around the world. This includes the UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Tenerife.

His musical styles include commercial dance, funky/electro house, R&B, hip-hop, 90's dance and old-skool classics. In addition Kirk has covered many other styles at various times over the years, including arabic, salsa, bangra, french, chillout, UK garage and drum 'n' bass.

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DJ Nick Howard   DJ Nick Howard - Corporate Event DJ, Wedding Disco and Party DJ - Based in Surrey
DJ Nick Howard, Surrey

DJ Nick Howard is a producer and DJ and has performed across the world at venues in London, Miami, Dubai and Spain. He has DJ'd at over 500 gigs ranging from corporate events, festivals, clubs, radio shows and weddings. Nick has also had a number of record releases as an artist and producer and has produced tracks for artists on labels such as Polygram/Mercury music. He is constantly learning and perfecting his skills as a working DJ, producer and musician. He is down to earth and always willing to change his sets to suit individual clients needs. Nick is happiest when he is doing his job well, and the dancefloor is full. The best part of the job for him is to see a crowd of smiling faces.

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DJ Roy Mclaren   DJ Roy Mclaren - Club DJ - Based in Scotland
DJ Roy Mclaren, Scotland

In 2006, DJ Roy Mclaren remixed ‘Something Different To Say’ by Etherfox for Nocturnal Groove. After this remix picked up widespread club support and was featured in The Shapeshifters’ ‘Essential Mix’ on Radio One, he subsequently signed the ‘Punch It’ EP to Nocturnal Groove which was released to critical acclaim and gained regular plays from likes of Nic Fanciulli, Mike Gray, ATFC and The Beginerz.

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DJ Adam Archer   DJ Adam Archer - Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne
DJ Adam Archer, Newcastle Upon Tyne

DJ Adam Archer is a highly motivated and experienced DJ who is adaptable to any environment. He is confiident with the microphone and plays all types of music including R&B, dancy, party, indie, rock, house, electro and student anthems.

Adam is dedicated to keeping his music up-to-date with pre-release tracks and new mixes. He has over ten years of experience in the DJ and Leisure Industry and also has six months of radio experience.

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DJ Simon Embleton   DJ Simon Embleton - Corporate Event DJ, Wedding Disco and Party DJ - Based in London
DJ Simon Embleton, London

DJ Simon Embleton is a professional commercial mobile mix DJ/compere based in Enfield, North London. He has 12 years experience performing at weddings, clubs, corporate events and birthday celebrations.

Simon is a mix DJ with a love for commercial dance genres who knows how to give a crowd what they want. Over the last two years he has been incorporating beat juggling and scratching into his shows when needed. He has a professional attitude and a smart appearance.

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