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Hiring the best DJ and Disco Equipment available will make a huge improvement to the quality of Sound reproduction and the atmosphere created by stunning Disco Lighting Effects. In turn the DJ's performance will be more polished resulting in a throughly enjoyable and memorable Disco for all in attendance. Platinum Promotions have always made the investment in purchasing the best DJ Equipment technology and Disco Equipment on the market to ensure 1st class performances and dependable reliability.

All DJ and Disco Equipment is maintained in accordance with ISO 9002 and P.A.T. tested annually (most venues insist upon this for Health & Safety reasons).

Disco Equipment - PA System

In the opinion of most Disco Equipment experts, Cerwin Vega V152 speakers are the best solution to mobile PA Systems. They are transportable with minimal detraction from sound quality. Cerwin Vega has a proven track record with bullet proof reliability, punchy bass, pleasing mid range and crystal clear top end, making them the finest Disco Speakers on the market.

Mackie M1400 Amplifiers are industry standard Disco Equipment and are renowned for powerful, pure and reliable delivery.

Together Cerwin Vega's speakers and Mackie amps provide the ideal sound package without distortion for events of up to 300 guests. For larger events, additional Speakers, Bass Bins and Amps can be bridged together to provide up to 10,000 Watts; sufficient for events with 2,000 guests. For events of 300 or more please call our booking office to discuss the Disco Equipment you will require in greater detail.

N.B. DJs will play background music at an appropriate level so as not to intrude on conversation and work within the limits of any sound level meters on site.

Other Disco Equipment available includes Sennheiser UHF Cordless Microphones for speeches allowing portability and comfort for the speaker. The UHF (Ultra High Frequency) minimises interference and of course there is no lead to trip over!

DJ Equipment Hire

Every DJ is very particular about what equipment they hire so Platinum have always invested in purchasing only the very best as used in top London Night Clubs. This allows the DJ to mix tracks together seemlessly as they are already familiar with the DJ Decks and Mixer. As well as performance, reliability is another key element to consider when hiring any DJ Equipment. If the equipment breaks down the show is over. This is why Platinum spend so much on purchasing DJ Equipment and maintaining it in accordance to I.S.O. 9002.

DJ Equipment for Hire - DJ CD Decks & Vinyl Decks

The Pioneer CDJ 1000's are industry leading DJ CD Decks (pictured above). They have a proven track record with clubs and are the DJ's favourite with lots of features to make mixes more interesting and sound better than conventional DJ Decks. CDJ 1000's will make a huge difference to any DJ performance be it a Night Club or Wedding Reception.

The Denon DND 2000 and DND 2500 are popular DJ CD decks as used in some bars and night clubs in Leicester Square. They are slightly more awkward to DJ with, being smaller and having less functions, but they still have rock solid reliability for the DJ.

Technics SL 1200 are the original DJ Vinyl Decks and are still used by purists in the largest dance clubs and festivals today. Again, very reliable and very popular amongst professional DJs.

Pioneer DJM 600 is a very well known DJ mixing desk with proven performance and reliability. Very compatible for use with Pioneer CD DJ Decks and Technics Vinyl DJ Decks.

If you are a DJ looking for Top End DJ Equipment to Hire give the Team at Platinum a call.

Disco Equipment - Lighting

Lighting is very important Disco Equipment as it dramatically enhances the atmosphere of any venue and encourages guests to dance. Again, Platinum use industry standard lighting as used at top end night clubs to project stunning beams of light across the dancefloor and multi-coloured patterns across the walls and ceilings in a tasteful manner.

The intelligent projection lighting rig supplied as standard is certainly a lot more advanced than typical mobile disco equipment. Abstract Twister 4's (High Power) are interlinked to project synchronous patterns and colours in time to the music. Geni XTC Scanner/Splitters project rainbow like beams of light on the dance floor, again in time to the music. UV lighting is also supplied as standard in the Disco Equipment package.

Disco Equipment - Optional Extras

Customers can upgrade the Disco Equipment and DJ Equipment package to meet their requirements and tastes. Platinum DJs have a wide selection of optional extras available. These consist of:-

A full on Disco Lighting Equipment Package consisting of an experienced Video Jockey, Vision Mixers, Projectors and Projection screens. VJ Johnnie Smith works with Guru Josh, Adamski and KLF as their Video Jockey. Johnnie also works for Platinum DJs providing stunning visuals at larger events

Sony 1080p 40" Widescreen Monitors with various kaleidoscopic patterns changing with the music. An uber cool backdrop to the DJ.

Martin Disco Lighting Rig - the best lighting available. The patterns are far more intricate, effects breathtaking and movement second to none. This is the same brand of lighting as used on the TV show - X Factor.

1500 Watt Cerwin Vega Bass Bins are available to give a real thump to the bass and allow the V152 or PSX800's to concentrate on mid range and treble. This further detracts from any distortion and coupled up with the crossover can be tuned for any room size.

Fog Machines are highly recommended, they dramatically improve the light show by producing a very fine medium to refract the lighting beams giving a laser type effect. Fog machines are only £19 to hire.

LASERs are very effective when the background lighting is very dark and in conjunction with use of fog machines. The lasers Platinum supply has 48 different patterns and move in relation to the music.

Bubble Machines are very popular for the first dance at weddings giving a romantic effect for the photographs. Young children love them and they add a contrast to the lighting when used sparingly.

Confetti Cannons are very effective for approximately 1 minute per firing particularly when used in conjunction with a Strobe. Customers can even order their own Corporate colours or Wedding theme colours.

Mirror Balls (24 inch) for a glitzy addition to the dance floor decor. Particularly effective with the Fog Machine.

LED Starcloths are popular DJ Booth Frontages with a twinkle effect.

Strobe Cannons are very effective when used sparingly on their own or with a fog machine and or bubble machine

Extra Twister 4 HP Intelligent Projection Lighting can be supplied on request.

Par Can Lighting is effective as backdrop lighting to the back of the stage area behind the DJ. Par Cans give a consistent flood of colour and can be used as uplighters.

Disco Equipment Reliability

One of the main reasons Platinum purchase industry standard Disco Equipment, other than performance, is reliability. All the Disco Equipment is rigorously tested for total reliability and has a proven track record.

Platinum DJs carry a full set of spares to repair most problems. In the event of more technical breakdowns, Platinum's Back-up Van and Engineer can be called out to deliver replacement Disco Equipment. A guaranteed service.

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