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Enjoy our upgraded  
lighting and extras combined together

Do you want to wow your guests & pimp up  your venue? We can transform any place with our mobile nightclub options!

Our Upgrades

Transform your venue with our classy up-lighting, add a confetti canon to wow your guests and create extra sparkle with our LED backdrop curtain. There are lots of extra’s available to pimp up your Party!

led up-lighters


per up-lighter

  • High Power LED
  • Warm Flood of light
  • Programmable different colours
  • Gradually change colour or static

Chase Bars Up-lighting


per chasebar

  • Full colour extremely powerful
  • Rainproof
  • Can be linked
  • Multi Function and colour

1000 Watt 3D Laser 


per laser

  • Latest 3D Laser on the market
  • Programmable effects
  • Beams, waves, kaleidoscopic patters
  • Stunning and modern

Red Carpet & Stanchions


8 stanchions & carpet

  • High quality stanchions with concrete filled foot
  • Including velvet red ropes
  • 8 Stanchions
  • Including 5 mtr red carpet

led Dance Floor

price varies

per dance floor 

  • LED Black/White
  • From 10×10 ft
  • Enquire for price

Las vegas Backdrop


Set up with Lighting

  • High quality backdrop canvas
  • 5 x 7 ft
  • 2x spotlight on T-Bar
  • Backdrop Frame
  • Including Technician to set up & break down

fog machine Light


per fog machine

  • Transforms lighting rig
  • Create laser type effect with beams above the dance floor
  • Cost effective extra
  • Makes a huge difference!

Night Club Fog machine


per fog machine

  • Powerful fog machine
  • Quick fill of the room
  • Multi function controller
  • Dramatically enhance Lighting

Bubble machine 


per bubble machine

  • Effect for romantic photographs
  • Extra dimension to your lighting package
  • Surprise and wow your guests
  • Extra atmosphere

Strobe light effect


Per strobe

  • Short bursts
  • Adds variety
  • Highlights the best bits in a track
  • Very effective

Confetti Canon


per canon

  • Highlight the main attraction
  • First Dance, Happy Birthday, Product Launch
  • Any colour possible
  • Firing lasts 30 seconds

Cordless Radio Mic


per mic

  • Including stand
  • UHF Microphone
  • No wires
  • Minimisation of high pitch feedback & interface



Per mirror ball

  • 24 inch mirror ball
  • Rotator motor
  • refracts and reflects hundreds of moving light beams
  • Cool Saturday Night Fever feel

iMAc for Presentations


per iMac

  • Run your Powerpoint presentation
  • Display Slideshows
  • Connect to Projector
  • High Quality

Large Mirror Ball with Pin Spot 


per pin spot

  • Extra sparkly effect
  • Cost effective
  • Project to ceilings and walls
  • hundreds of light beams



per star cloth

  • Tidy & professional finish
  • Twinkling LED effects
  • DJ Booth finish
  • Many corporate events insist on this

H&S LED DJ Booth 


per DJ Booth

  • Rolls Royce of DJ Booths
  • High Quality LED
  • Full 2 m wide DJ surround
  • Covering 3 sides of the DJ equipment

LED Stage Backdrop


per backdrop

  • LED star cloth curtain
  • 4x3m
  • Lighting controller
  • Winch-able truss system

Ultra violet LAMp 


per up-lighter

  • Discreet night club feel
  • Makes you look tanned & healthy
  • Popular in clubs
  • Light up white clothing

Our Lasers are
1000 Watt – 3D and look amazing!

This is the latest LASER on the market and looks amazing. An extremely powerful colour 3D LASER with loads of programmable effects such as beams, waves over the dancefloor, kaleidoscopic patterns, 3D images. Will make your lightshow look stunning and modern.