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Whether it is for a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, club, festival or other celebrations, from time to time we all need to hire a good DJ. But how do you hire a good DJ? At Platinum DJs we have many years of experience in working with great DJs. Since 1997 we have been the go to supplier for many five star hotels in London and Kent, have worked at Celebrity Weddings and performed at venues and occasions (large & small) across the UK and abroad.



Most importantly, when you throw a party you want it to be good. You and your guests want to have a great time with lots of great music and dancing. So it is important that the DJ has a great selection of songs from various different genres. Also, once on the dance floor you want to keep your guests there! Excellent mixing skills and ability to read the crowd are therefore a very important key to success. All Platinum’s DJs have been specially selected and trained on these skills to make sure they are able to make any party great.

The importance of good DJ equipment

Another very important part of hiring a good DJ is the equipment. When the DJ doesn’t have a good sound system, the music is going to sound awful and no one wants to listen to distorted tunes through cheap speakers. At Platinum DJs we make sure that no matter which DJ you choose to perform at your party, the sound system will be of good quality. Simply enjoy the party music without any disruptions. Lighting is also an  important part of the complete package when you are looking into hiring a good DJ. Good lighting will transform the venue, so it is very important your DJ brings a decent lighting rig. All Platinum’s packages include lighting to cover the dance floor. 

DJ Hire in London & Kent

A good DJ comes with experience

The more experience a DJ has the better for your party. We choose to work with only experienced DJs who have performed at various different events. We have set up a page where you can find out a lot more about our DJs. It also shows reviews from previous customers so you can have a read through what other people have said about them. You can pick the DJ yourself or tell us your wishes and let us advise you on which DJs suit your party best.


Enjoy the best DJs, acts, bands & photo booths

Photo Booths, Magicians, Dancers, Bands, Singers, Percussionists, Casino Tables. We have it all & more! There might be something that would suit great with your party.

We would love to hear from you to discuss your wishes, advise you on which DJs would suit you & give some more information about what Platinum DJs can do for you! Would you like to speak to us? Please give us a call on 01322 412494 to talk to Jason, Annie or Lynn.PHOTO BOOTHS & MORE