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How do I find a great Party DJ?

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How do I find a great Party DJ?

Find the best DJ by reading Platinum DJ's tips.
A great DJ is not that easy to find. Read these tips to help you get the right entertainer for your Party.

Who is right for you

There are so many DJ hire services around on the Internet nowadays which makes it so hard to choose who is right for you. There are quite a few important things to keep in mind for finding the right DJ and making sure you are going to have a great party.

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First of all you want someone who is reliable. There is nothing worse than your DJ not showing up on your wedding day, party or event because there simply won’t be a party if your DJ is going to let you down.  Ask around; get recommendations from friends & family. Have they had good experiences with DJs before? They might be able to recommend someone that will do a great job!


When searching on the Internet you will be bombarded with DJs offering their services. What can be really helpful is to search for genuine reviews. A DJ with years of experience will have lots of positive feedback and recommendations from his previous customers. If they don’t there is a reason!

Tips on how to find a great DJ.

Back up

Make sure back up DJs and equipment are included in the services you are offered. No one wants to be let down, but there might occur a situation where your DJ can’t make it whether because of illness or breakdown of transport or equipment. A professional DJ or DJ agency will always offer you back up.

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Ask what equipment and lighting (DJ Booth) the DJ uses and what he will bring to your party. It might not sound important to you in the first place, but listening to music through cheap & distorting speakers is irritating. Discuss how many people are attending and make sure the sound system is right for your size and quality party.

Experience & skills of a great DJ

Make sure your DJ has mixing skills and a large music library. A good DJ is capable of mixing tracks of different genres together seamlessly. With good mixing skills comes a great party. Anyone can put some music on but you book a professional DJ for making the music float nicely as this makes the atmosphere. Another very important ingredient is reading the crowd. A professional will have no problem to get people up and dancing in no time, and keep them there.


Price. If you are after the lowest price rather than the importance of a professional, don’t expect to be impressed with the DJs skills or equipment. Good equipment, experience and professionalism come with a price. When you pay little money just be aware of the fact you very likely will get let down either in skills, equipment or no show.

These are just a few tips to get you started with your search to the right entertainer for your party.

One last tip! Get the right DJ. Search for someone that loves playing the music you like. You will have the best time with a DJ that gets enjoyment from entertaining you.

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