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Professional Club DJ Hire for festivals, weddings, parties & events in London, Kent, Surrey & Essex

Tips on how to find a great DJ

Who is right for you There are so many DJ hire services around on the Internet nowadays which makes it so hard to choose who is right for you. There are quite a few important things to keep in mind for finding the right DJ and making sure you are going to have a great…
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Platinum DJs play at – Corinthia Hotel – London

Platinum DJs & Discos Ltd play this Weekend at Corinthia Hotel Ballroom in London’s West End.

DJ Terry is a Kisstory Specialist in Kent.

DJ Terry

DJ Terry – Wedding, Party, Club and Corporate Event DJ Reviews – Click Here DJ Reviews from Previous Customers: 7 Terry aka DJ Swag is a Promoter and Events Director from Kent. He has been DJ’ing professionally in clubs for 6 years but focuses his attentions to mobile gigs now. He loves meeting new people…
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Performing for a Family Event with DJ Tayfun Mehmet

DJ Tayfun

DJ Tayfun Party DJ, Wedding DJ, Corporate Event DJ and Club DJ. Reviews – Click here DJ Reviews from Previous Customers: 10 Since starting his college course in Performing Arts, DJ Tayfun has been producing music. Tayfun took the Sub Bass DJ course which is a well established DJ school, run by well known DJs…
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