Dartford, Kent
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Deli G

Wedding DJ, Party DJ & Event DJ, for London, Kent, Surrey & Essex

Deli G is an Internationally renowned and respected DJ who is a legend in the making and someone who lets his music speak for itself. Deli continue to shine a light on the dance floor and airwaves ensuring that the legacy of House music continues long after the last person has left the dance floor.

Jamaica & The UK

Mid 1970’s – Deli G began at his school disco aged 9

1977 – 1985 – Moved to Kingston, Jamaica – playing sound clashes against Gemini among others

1985 – 1988 – Returned to the UK and immersed himself in the Bristol music scene; B.A.D. Radio career

1989 – Music Mix show the Touch was launched on the new ‘Galaxy’ 97.2fm giving Deli free reign to play whatever he wanted.

Music Seminar & Major players in the dance scene

1992 – Attended the ‘New Music Seminar’ and met up with some of the people whose music he’d been playing on this shows; opened new doors / new horizons and bringing in new long-standing friendships.

1993 – 1995 – Working with major players in the dance scene for guests’ spot on his show, including the late great Frankie Knuckles / Masters at Work / Marshall Jefferson / Roger Sanchez / Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk. Scored a tour of South Africa with Lakota broadcasting on South Africa’s Metro FM and 5FM with good friend Danny Rampling BBC Radio 1.

Award & monthly mixes

1995 – Recorded the first of two compilations for Distance Music called House Proud Volume 2; and the second in 2001 for Slip’n’Slide titled Hallelujah.

2000 – Won award for BEST OVERSEAS RADIO SHOW, presented at the Dirty Dozen Awards in Miami. Grabbed attention of true legends of the dance music scene / movement; which includes likes of Tom Moulton, Paradise Garage and ‘Westend Records’ Mel Cheren.

2002 – Brought news from New York and Chicago to the UK music scene with monthly guest mixes from US House / Garage talents such as : Bobby & Steve, Paul Simpson, DJ Disciple and the late great Boyd Jarvis.

2003 – Scooped up a second award for BEST OVERSEAS RADIO in New York, presented by Undaground Archive.com a part of the Billboard Summit.

2004 – Alongside good friend Ben Daley; introduced brand Roasted. Renowned for throwing down the heaviest parties with legendary artists such as Kerri Chandler, Robert Owens, Danny Rampling. Used his tried and tested formula to search the hottest records shops across the south of the UK, from Catch-a-groove, City Sounds, Uptown Records in London; with Bang Bang, Replay Records and Eat the Beat in Brsistol and Catapult Records in Cardiff for the most popular house tunes from the US and beyond. Each show introduced us to the top 3 records of the week from each store. At this time digital downloads were coming into play; with his finger firmly on the pulse he approached Traxsource and Beatport to utilise his top 3 blueprint which they welcomed with open arms and immediately said yes.

2005 – Mixed his third compilation album for suSU Records called Get Lifted.

2006 – After 16 years of broadcasting; listening tuned in to hear th Touch Show broadcast for the last tim on Vibe FM.

2006 – 2011 – His ground-breaking formula, a keen ear for a banger, tireless pursuit of the next party to rock and brand to build; kept Deli ahead oft he curve. Deli continued to grace our ears with his digital show “The Future Of House” which fitted perfectly with his ambition and drive and was syndicated to w worldwide audience.

2012 – BCfm and The Touch returned, playing uplifting soulful house and took us back in time with the show The Touch Rewind. Linked up with former Roasted Partner DJ Ben Daley and the master of soulful house; DJ & producer Sean McCabe; collectively forming Good Vibrations. DJ royalty jumped straight onboard with names as Joey Negro, CJ Mackintosh, The legendary Late Paul Trouble Anderson and Kenny Dope. These parties are still going full fore to current date.

2014 – From B.A.D. Radio came the B.A.D. parties; DJ Lynx and Mike Shawe from Hot Buttered Soul joining Deli to cover all things 80’s, Hip Hop, Boogie, 80’s Street Soul. This brand is still going strong to this day.

2017 – True Definition. The House that Jack Built; another of Deli’s and Sean McCabe’s brand was born, bringing back the use of vinyl and playing anything from disco to house. The boys brought another branded night named Roots of House. Deli and Sean’s love of music gave us what was to be the musical journey into the history of house music and partnering up with the incredible Alex Dinham from Boogie Cafe Records.

2018 – With all brands going strong across the board, along with his veteran radio career and other events all around the UK; Deli’s hard work and dedication to the music he loves continues to capture magical musical moments; entertains and always leaves you with a smile.

2019 – Deli’s story will continue