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How to throw the perfect NYE party

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How to throw the perfect NYE party

Your NYE Party is one of the most exciting nights of the year; it’s a time for reflection and a for new beginnings. Make sure your evening isn’t a disappointment this year by following our top tips for throwing the perfect New Year’s Eve party.


The music has to be right; if it’s too upbeat people may be put off mingling, if it’s too calm people might get tired and bored. It’s important to find the balance. Also, consider your guests; if you’ve invited mainly pop fans don’t solely play rock music as it’s important for any DJ, amateur or professional, to read their audience.


It is also important to invite both the right amount of guests and also the right guests. If you invite loads of individual people who don’t know each other it could get awkward; similarly, if you invite two groups of people, such as your work friends and your family, the night will probably be quite segregated. Ensure you invite a well-rounded group of people who’ll complement each other and the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve.


Don’t be inconsiderate: let your neighbours know in plenty of time that you’re throwing a party. If they are given enough warning they could either arrange to spend the night away from home or even throw a party of their own! Or you could use it as an excuse to socialise with neighbours who you don’t know particularly well. Remember: it is a time of festivities and not hostilities, keep your neighbours in the loop.


The right food and drink are essential to any party. Make sure you provide a wide variety of food and drink for your guests and, as with the music, make sure you know your audience. If you’ve invited a few teetotallers make sure you provide a good range of soft drinks for them; if you’ve invited vegan guests make sure they are given a few food and drink options to make them feel welcome. If you’re only going to be providing nibbles, warn your guests beforehand so they can have a more substantial meal before leaving home. Similarly, if you’ll be providing large quantities of food, ensure that your guests show up hungry.


The worst New Year’s Eve parties are those which don’t acknowledge the event itself. Many organised events make a big deal out of it so make sure you match the efforts of the professionals. You could have a large clock counting down to the moment to excite your guests, or you could even keep the television on in the background and enjoy the London fireworks. No matter how you see the new year in, make sure that it’s not an anticlimax for you or your guests.