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3 of our favourite apps for DJs

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3 of our favourite apps for DJs

Even if you prefer to DJ the traditional way with turntables and vinyls you probably still own a smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Over recent years DJs have begun to use more and more digital technology, downloading tracks as MP3s and playing tracks on laptops.  Even if you’re not yet part of the digital DJ revolution you may find some of these nifty DJ apps useful for making new tracks and exploring new music and DJ techniques.

Here are three of our favourite apps for DJs.


Produced by Algoriddim the Djay app is slick, easy to use and ideal for iPad users.  You are able to produce live, record mixes or use the Automix feature and the app will do the mixing for you! It even has a convenient AiPlay feature that allows it wirelessly connect to multiple speakers with ease.

Traktor DJ

Traktor is a super smart DJ app that may even be able to teach you a thing or two! Want to mix two tracks together? The Traktor app will search your iTunes library and present you with tracks that have a compatible tempo and key.  It also has a notification centre that will offer you hints, tips and advice. This easy to use and extremely advanced app is not one to skip over.


The iDJ app was developed by Numark and supports tracks in MP3, WAV and ACC format.  iDJ is ideal for creating mix tapes using iTunes playlists and comes with a huge selection of features.  One feature well worth mentioning is that iDJ is able to automatically detect the tempo of every track.