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5 Lighting and equipment extras and when to use them

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5 Lighting and equipment extras and when to use them

Music plays a big part in creating the right atmosphere for your event, but we also suggest hiring a few bits of extra equipment to give your party a professional vibe.

It will depend on the type of event that you’re hosting which equipment will be suitable.  At Platinum DJs we stock a huge range of different lights and accessories so that you can always find the right equipment to suit the tone of your event.

Just some of the equipment you can hire from us includes:

  • Widescreen monitors
  • Disco lighting rig
  • Fog machines
  • Bass bins
  • Confetti cannons
  • Bubble machines
  • Lasers
  • Mirror balls
  • LED starcloths
  • Strobe cannons

Here are a few things to consider when deciding what equipment will work best at your event.


Take a look at your venue and decide whether it is realistically big enough for strobe or laser lighting.  It may be tempting to go all out and hire everything but if your venue isn’t very big then it’s best to tone it down.

Guest list

Consider who it is that’s going to be attending your event before you choose your equipment.  If there is a mix of ages then you may be better off sticking to a lighting rig and mirror ball and steering well clear of strobes.  If you’re hosting an event for younger people who are familiar with the club scene then strobes and lasers may be more suitable.  For events where children are going to be present bubble machines will provide hours of entertainment!


Make sure that the equipment that you choose is suitable for the tone of your event.  If it’s a children’s disco then strobes and lasers will probably be too much.  Make sure that you always choose equipment that you know your guests will be comfortable with.