Dartford, Kent
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Mister Mojo

Wedding DJ, Party DJ & Event DJ, for London, Kent, Surrey & Essex

Mister Mojo

DJ Mister Mojo
Club, Party, Wedding and Corporate Event DJ based in Kent.

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Mr Mojo is a performer based in Kent, an energetic DJ with a passion for music. Mr Mojo’s favourite DJ’ing style is a mix of R’n’B, Hiphop and Dance. But he is happy to play any type of music suited to your Party or Event. He is also an MC who infuses this to his sets to bring extra hype and energy to your Party.
Mr Mojo has DJ’d for many different events and he has gained experience in catering for special occasions like Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Events.

Growing up he spent hours listening to his dads Vinyl Collection where he fell in love with music. During his teenage years he has been influenced by listening to UK Garage. Because Mr Mojo’s dad was a musician and playing in a band, he travelled with his father to many music events and seen from a young age how people reacted to good music.

At the age of 16, Mr Mojo started DJ’ing for family and friends. He played genres such as UK Garage, Trance , House , R n B, Dancehall and Hiphop.
But growing up on Soul, Reggae, Motown and Rock n Roll music he also surprises the older generation on his knowledge of old school dance floor hits.

Mista Mojo has paid a lot of attention to the UK Grime scene and performs some of the modern hits Live. His experience in djing thus far has made him an all rounder and a DJ that can cater for just about any event.