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DJ Darrell

Wedding DJ, Party DJ & Event DJ, for London, Kent, Surrey & Essex

DJ Darrell

DJ Darrell – Club, Party, Wedding and Corporate Event DJ

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Wedding, party and corporate event DJ Darrell from Kent.

DJ Darrell got into music at the very young age of 7. With an old skool record player and flashing light speakers only he got into the music scene at age 13. First he was playing in pubs and then went on to Internet radio.
As his internet audience got bigger, so did he and progressed from Internet radio to FM radio stations with the likes of 102.7 FM, Select UK radio, Touch FM, Unity FM and Live FM. These are just to name a few.
Wedding, Party and event set up for Kent DJ Darrell.In a studio in Kent with DJ Darrell presenting his radio show.Darrell has a current radio show now on a community based radio station called Funky SX. He also played on reach FM which was in conjunction with choice FM. DJ Darrell was asked to open the radio station and present the very first show on Fridays from 4-6.
He has now played at many venues up and down the country and abroad including Ayia Napa and Mali.

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Versatile DJ

DJ Darrell is extremely versatile and plays all genres. With his extensive knowledge and experience in clubland, festivals and mobile DJing he can adapt to any situation.
DJ Darrell in the studio producing music.
Darrell is no stranger to a recording studio environment and has produced music signed to many different record labels. He has tracks out on all major download stores inc iTunes. Darrell has his own recording studio and continues to work on producing new music on a regular basis. You may also hear Darrell’s voice around as he also does radio and tv voice overs and the few odd DJ jingles here and there. He is proud of his DJ skills and voice but says there is always room for improvement. Darrell wants to be the best he can be within the music industry and won’t stop until he is fully satisfied even then we feel he won’t stop there!