Dartford, Kent
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DJ Libby Lawes

Wedding DJ, Party DJ & Event DJ, for London, Kent, Surrey & Essex

DJ Libby Lawes

Performance by DJ Libby Lawes.

Libby Lawes, DJ, mother, healer and pro fashion model hit the raver scene in the the early days and had the amazing opportunity to see it hit across the globe from London to the USA to Japan.

DJ Libby Lawes is based in Bristol.

Getting involved with promoting at places like Enter the Dragon, Kensington, Mars in New York in 1989/90 to Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos in the mid nineties. Ever since Libby realised what the DJ’s were doing on the decks she wanted it.

Libby played a big part in the breaks scenes across the midlands putting on Back2Mono. Booking in big names like Hybrid, Rennie Pilgrim, Hype etc. This was where Libby learned to DJ on a professional level starting in the chill out rooms.

Libby went on to learn Logic Pro and enter the world of producing.

Children then entered the world so Libby’s plans were put on hold until recently.

Libby has now returned to the DJ world full of season and enthusiasm with a vast musical knowledge. Currently based in Bristol Libby has started to make a name for herself around the city at Firebreak Sessions, Duvet Vous and House of Disco Nights. Libby has also been touring the South West boutique festival scene for the last 4 summers attaining re-bookings playing Festivals Shindig Weekender and Shindig Barquet, Sunrise, Green Gathering, Valleyfest, Full Circle and Greenman.

Libby’s producing skills were brought out and dusted off to produce a remix for Gary Clail (Onu Sound and Adrian Sherwoods sound system). The track Crazy is a punk breaks remix of a progressive rock track. Gary has asked her to remix some further tracks for his new album currently in the studio.