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How has technology changed the way we DJ?

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How has technology changed the way we DJ?

In 2014 we live in a world where everything is digital, including music.  We can access practically any track, DJ set, or live performance instantly using our mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers.

The huge influx in new technologies over recent years has had a massive impact on the way DJs play music.  When you watch DJs playing live today it is a very different experience to what it would have been 20 – 30 years ago.


Back in the day DJs only really had one option, they played vinyl records! At this time it was rare to own a computer and mobile phones resembled bricks more than they did today’s smartphones.  There was no internet, no satellite tv and no tablets or games consoles.

When CDs were first invented there was no way to burn them yourself at home no technology with which DJs could play CDs.  If you were a DJ and you wanted to add a new track to your collection then you’d take a trip to a record store.

Playing a gig meant lugging around a huge, heavy box full of vinyls and the standard equipment that every club had was two Technics and a mixer.


Now it’s possible to listen to and download any track you want as an MP3 from any location using the internet. DJs have a huge selection of different technologies to choose from and it’s important that they keep up with the fast-paced technological changes.

Gone are the days of carrying around boxes of vinyl, thousands of tracks can now be stored on one lightweight laptop.  DJs don’t even need to own every song they play before the gig, they can use the wireless internet access available at clubs to download any track that is requested there and then.

Equipment can now be set up wirelessly using Bluetooth technology and there is a huge range of DJ apps that can be downloaded for use on mobile phones and laptops.  The possibilities are now endless!