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What is the price for a DJ in Kent?

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What is the price for a DJ in Kent?

What is the price for a DJ? Performance by Kent DJ Jason Dupuy

The price for a DJ is on average between £325 and £1000, depending on various factors. These prices are for mobile DJs, who have their own set up including lighting, a DJ Booth and sound system. For a good mobile DJ with a basic set up and a few years of experience you can expect to pay between £325 and £400.

What does a more experienced DJ cost?

Diamond Wedding DJ Kent Package set up.

The more experienced DJ (at least 10 years of experience), with a more powerful sound system and better lighting, will charge between £400 and £750.

If you are after an extremely powerful sound system with club spec lighting and one of the best mobile DJs, prices will more likely start from £750. This can go up depending on the amount of hours you need the DJ for. Also added extras like dry ice machines, upgraded lighting, Sub Bass speakers & other factors will change the price.

What is the price for a DJ only?

At Platinum DJs we have booked DJs from £100 to £50000. The price for a good party DJ only, without any sound system & lighting is lower and can start from £199. If you are booking a Radio DJ or world famous DJ, prices are significantly higher.