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5 tips for planning a Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding is exceptionally different to planning a summer wedding. Of course, the basics and the legal stuff remains the same, but the details need to be customised to suit the season. We have compiled a list of the five most important elements to focus on when planning your winter wedding.

Our six step guide to hiring the right wedding caterer

    You want everything to be perfect at your wedding. The dress needs to look immaculate, the weather stunning, and you want every guest smiling ear to ear. That last one is probably most important to you too. If your friends and family are enjoying themselves, you are too, right? So what can you…
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Four apps that will help you plan your wedding

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. In fact, it’s anything but easy. You can expect stress, tears, and more stress. So what can you do to make life easier? Well there are a few things that’ll help, and one of them is your smartphone. That little thing in your pocket can help you organise everything from…
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Wedding band versus wedding DJ

It’s the age-old dilemma every bride and groom face when they start planning their wedding: do they go with a wedding band, or a DJ? There are pros and cons to both, so it usually just comes down to personal preference, and how you want the evening to turn out for you and your guests.…
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