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5 tips for planning a Winter Wedding

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5 tips for planning a Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding is exceptionally different to planning a summer wedding. Of course, the basics and the legal stuff remains the same, but the details need to be customised to suit the season. We have compiled a list of the five most important elements to focus on when planning your winter wedding.

The venue

Ensure that the venue is not only big enough for all of your guests but that it will also be warm enough. While large conservatories and high-ceilinged halls may be warm enough for summer weddings, they will be hard to keep warm in the winter. Choose a venue which feels spacious but cosy; maybe somewhere with a large fireplace to keep your guests toasty or an efficient central heating system for an ambient temperature.

The dress

Lace, silk and organza are all beautiful, delicate fabrics…just perfect for a spring or summer wedding! When it comes to choosing your perfect winter wedding and bridesmaid dresses take time to consider how the desk will work on the day. If you opt for a slim, silk dress try teeming it with a faux fur shrug to make it a little more suitable for the season; if you dream of draping yourself in lace, choose a layered dress which displays the intricate lace over a heavier fabric.

The suit

As with the dress it is just as important to match the suit, or suits, to the season. While a summer wedding might be complemented by a light coloured, thin suit, especially a destination wedding, a winter wedding requires something a little more substantial. Opt for darker colours, heavier fabrics, waistcoats and long sleeves in an attempt to stay as warm as possible.

The weather

Of course, you aren’t in control of the weather but you can make sure that you’re as prepared for the elements as possible. Stock up on umbrellas and gloves, tell your guests to come prepared with coats and spare shoes. There’s nothing worse than knowing that you’re guests are cold, wet and miserable so make sure you’re all as prepared as possible. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

The theme

Hosting a winter wedding offers the perfect opportunity to get creative. As the majority of wedding-oriented products and companies cater to spring and summer weddings, including wedding fayres, see it as an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. There are hundreds of winter wedding inspiration ideas on Pinterest, simply search and start pinning! From holly leaf centrepieces to snow themed wedding cakes, it is an excellent time for you both to let your crafty side out.