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5 essentials for a night out

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5 essentials for a night out

There’s nothing better than a night out with friends; whether you’re planning on going out for a meal and a few drinks or a full night of clubbing there are a few things to keep on hand throughout the night. We have compiled a list of things that we believe everyone should keep with them, ensuring that they are safe and secure, on any night out.


Yes, you right that right, only cash! Taking your debit or credit card out is, more often than not, a terrible idea. Your sober self might have excellent intentions but once you’ve had a few shandies you’re likely to contract looser inhibitions. Withdraw designated money beforehand so you can be sure not to spend more than you want to; always make sure you keep your taxi money separate though to make sure you can get home safely!


Even if you have every intention of travelling home with your housemate you never know what could happen. One of you could decide to stay out later than planned, one of you may decide to stay over at someone else’s house, or you may simply lose each other throughout the course of the night. To avoid any potential disasters, ensure that everyone has their own set of keys before heading out. While it is far from wise to leave a friend out alone, unforeseen circumstances do arise.


As with the keys, it is important to keep your mobile phone on your person at all times. You never know when you might get separated from your friends or suddenly need to call a taxi to take you home; it’s better to be safe than sorry. Although some people feel hesitant to take their phones on a night out, keep it securely in your bag, or safe in your pocket, to ensure it won’t make its way into someone else’s.


Whether you prefer soft mints, Tic Tacs or chewing gum something minty is essential to a night out. You may need to freshen a lightweight friend’s breath or to freshen your own before dancing with someone you like, even way there are a must.


While this isn’t an essential item cosmetics and toiletries do improve many people’s nights out. Whether you take your lipstick in your handbag, to reapply throughout the night, or sneak a canister of deodorant in your jeans pocket to freshen up, make sure you’re fully prepared for all eventualities.