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Our top 5 tips for staying safe on a night out

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Our top 5 tips for staying safe on a night out

In an ideal world everyone would be friendly, the sun would always be shining and nutritious food would be free: unfortunately, this is not the case. Since there are people in the world willing to harm others we have compiled a list of the top 5 things to do to stay as safe as possible on a night out.

Reliable taxis

While it is a great idea to get a taxi from place to place after dark even this has its risks. Make sure that you only get in pre-booked, licensed taxis both before and after a night out. Double check that the taxi is in fact for you before getting into it, especially if alone, and that the booking has been recorded. It is also a good idea to call someone, whether they’re at your destination or not, so that the taxi driver knows that someone is either expecting you or at least knows where you are.

Be trackable

In addition to the previous point always make sure that at least one person, preferably in the area that you are in, knows exactly where you are at all times. Make sure you are in regular contact with your mum, girlfriend, boyfriend or friend as your night develops and as you travel from place to place. If you someone who isn’t on the night out is keeping tabs on you with your movements can easily be tracked just in case something serious does happen.

Stay in groups

It can be tempting to split off from a group, especially if you want to go somewhere else or don’t live near the other members, however this can be extremely dangerous. A single individual, especially an intoxicated one, is much more of a target for muggings and more serious crimes than a group of people. Ensure that you stay in a group for as long as possible and never let anyone else leave alone.

Charge your phone

It’s all well and good taking your phone out with you on a night out but it’s no use to anyone if it runs out of battery. A flat battery can mean the difference between a safe journey home and an extremely dangerous one when it comes to booking a taxi home, especially if you haven’t followed the previous point. Always make sure that your phone’s battery is full before leaving for a night out. If you know that it is still likely to lose its battery before the night is over take extra care to stick with someone who has a reliable phone. If that also fails, make sure you have enough change to use a payphone.

Hold your drink

We mean this both literally and figuratively! Make sure you keep a hold of your drink and never return to it once it’s been left unattended. Also, if you know that you are easily influenced by the effects of alcohol make your two lime and lagers last. Don’t feel as though you have to keep up with other members of your group, especially if they are bigger than you, as it could have dangerous consequences for yourself. There is nothing more dangerous on a night out than the exploitation of the vulnerable, so make sure that you, or anyone around you, don’t become vulnerable. Keep your wits about you and have fun!