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Choosing your first dance song

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Choosing your first dance song

Amongst all the finer details of your wedding day is the decision of your first dance song. Some have known what that song will be for a long time. Others not so much.

If you’re having trouble thinking what song would be appropriate then you’re going to need help. And as professional DJs (music is our job, after all) we can help you find the perfect tune to dance the night away to.

A common musical interest – You aren’t the only one getting married today and the first dance song shouldn’t be your choice alone. Chances are, you and your partner have similar musical tastes. But sometimes opposites do attract.

Select a genre that you both like and then narrow down the song list. You’ll find yourself saying ‘yes’ to some stuff and your partner ‘no’ to it. Slowly but surely you’ll be able to boil it down to a list of songs.

The lyrics mean a lot – Now consider the lyrics of each song. You don’t want a song with lyrics completely unrelated to the whole wedding and to the two of you specifically. Whatever you story is, there will be a song out there that relates to it.

Some song lyrics might mean one thing to you and something completely different to someone else. Study them carefully.

The beat – It’s the first dance, so you need to be able to dance to it. And that’s all about the beat. You don’t want to have to attempt a break dance to keep to the beat of a song, so pick something moderately slow.

It’s fine you’re an expert at the Cha Cha, but you know your partner isn’t.

Think outside the box – And lastly, try and think of something a little different. Don’t go for the standard ‘wedding songs’ because your guests have heard them all before. Adele, Whitney – be different and have fun with your choice!

Here at Platinum DJs we have a wide selection of DJs who are experts at picking the right song for the right time. So if you’re looking for a wedding DJ to help your reception go off with a bang, we can help.