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DJ Jason Dupuy

Wedding DJ, Party DJ & Event DJ, for London, Kent, Surrey & Essex

DJ Jason Dupuy


Jason has been a professional DJ since 1997 performing in the UK, Europe, U.S.A., Australia & New Zealand and Africa. He has built up a wealth of experience playing at clubs, festivals, radio, TV and private events both large and intimate. Although his music is up-beat dance based he is happy to play whatever genre is required to build an electric atmosphere on the dance floor. With such a diverse DJ career, he is able to tap in to his versatile experience and wide range of music available to produce a thoroughly enjoyable performance. Jason has a fully dedicated, reliable and professional attitude to provide the best entertainment possible in a warm, friendly and engaging manner.


DJ Jason Dupuy club profile for London and Kent.

Jason DJs worldwide at festivals, clubs, national radio, television, prestigious corporate events and celebrity weddings. He has built up valuable DJ experience playing at well over 1000 events, but is always keen to learn and is constantly striving to improve his performances. Importantly, his feet are planted firmly on the ground, he is friendly, approachable and is always willing and enthusiastic to play whatever music is required to get the dance floor moving.


DJ Jason Dupuy with Pixie Lott

Jason has worked with various celebrities throughout his career. He worked with Pixie Lott in 2010 – 2011. He has been the DJ with Pixie Lott on numerous occasions across the UK to help promote her music (No.1. in the UK charts) and her clothing collection at Lipsy.

Jason has been the DJ for the X Factor Judge Alesha Dixon, winner of B.B.C.’s “Strictly Come Dancing and member of the girl band, Mis-Teeq.
He also performed with Craig David, Kano and Fraser Smith promoting their new singles in 2008, “This is the Girl” and “Bad Boy.”



Wickerman Festival

Club DJ Jason Dupuy at the Wickerman Festival 2014

Jason has performed at the Wickerman Festival 2011 – 2015 in Scotland. With 25,000 attending, the Wickerman Festival is the 2nd largest festival in Scotland. Since 2011, Jason plays 2 DJ sets, he is the opening act on the first night playing an Indie set early on followed by a DJ set rammed full of Ibiza Anthems to bring the night to a close and really start the festival in high spirits. He also introduces the bands playing at the festival for the weekend, playing their well known tunes and ramps up the crowd on the microphone to build excitement and anticipation of the artists to follow over the weekend. The following night his DJ set consists of Progressive and Uplifting House & Trance with an Ibiza flavour, high energy and Euphoric atmosphere. Jason has played alongside acts such as Scissor Sisters, Dizzee Rascal, Amy MacDonald, James, Feeder and DJs such as 808 State, Utah Saints and Steve Lawler.


London Olympics

DJ Jason Dupuy was involved in the London 2012 Olympics. As a former International Athlete who competed for Great Britain, he was keen and delighted to be involved in the highlight of 2012’s sporting calendar. Jason was the DJ at Hyde Park for the Men’s Triathlon Event which was a great after party as Great Britain’s Brownlee brothers secured Gold and Bronze. Jason also was the DJ for the International Olympic Committee and Athletes After Party.

Venues & Clubs

Global DJ Event – 1 Marylebone, London. International DJ event with DJs from Australia, India, China, South America and Jason representing Europe. Global attendance of 1000 V.I.P.s with interesting variations of Dance Music.

Sound – Leicester Square as headline act mixing up a chunky set of RnB, Hip Hop, Garage and Urban. Jason Dupuy frequently worked alongside Radio 1 DJ Trevor Nelson performing to 2000 people at one of London’s most famous night spots in the epicentre of London’s commercial club land, Leicester Square.


“House of Fun” @ Carling Academy – Islington. A blast from the past mixing some old vinyl, predominantly 70’s, 80’s and Funky Disco. This gave Jason Dupuy the opportunity to learn more about the older genres and play cool but familiar tracks in his DJ set alongside live acts to create an awesome atmosphere. Capacity 1500.


Oxygen – Leicester Square. A cool two level club in the well known Leicester Square. Jason Dupuy DJ sets covered Funky House, Electro, Uplifting House and Club Classics. Capacity 600.


Electric Ballroom – Camden. A large club with 2000 capacity set in the trendy Camden Town area of London. Jason had to cater for a multitude of music tastes here with a mixture of age groups and cultures both locals and tourists. Music was kept mainstream and versatile across Current Chart, Commercial House, RnB, 70’s and 80’s.


Liquid Blue – Mayfair. A very exclusive DJ club with a 200 capacity. Music policy was kept very up to date and commercial. Intimate venue as dance floor and stage in close proximity to the DJ booth which gave great feedback to each performance.


Callaghan’s – Piccadilly Circus. Set right next to all the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus and a capacity of 300 there are some vivid memories of plenty of busy nights held there. Platinum DJs promoted the nights with their street team and promotional staff. Music policy was Rock, Indie, Oldies and Irish, leading to much dancing on the tables and bar.


Yates – Leicester Square. Thursday nights – capacity 750. DJ Jason Dupuy played to largely a RnB, Hip Hop crowd and used the opportunity to enhance the atmosphere VJ ing with some videos and visuals. Jason often found himself walking between the 3 clubs he was DJing at in Leicester Square to play a set at each. Lots of stamina required.


Club Ten – St Pauls, London. Guest DJ in the basement of 5 Star Grange Hotel.


Henry’s – Richmond. Capacity 500. Funky House, Electro, RnB. Lively late licence bar which developed quite a following.